The focus is on our philosophy Simplexity , the perfect balance between complexity and minimalism. Creyan combines effective high-tech cosmetics with natural active ingredients, ultra-pure formulations and high skin tolerance, without compromising on skin health. The highly complex Creyan products with their unique textures are easy to use and suitable for all skin types.
Our expertise and many years of cooperation with specialized dermatologists form the basis for our products. Creyan's uniqueness lies in the fact that the respective international state of research is continuously taken into account by our development and incorporated into the composition of active ingredients.
We have developed each of our formulas from a simple idea into the complex yet effective formulas we have today. In doing so, we have drawn on years of study and research into the safety, effectiveness and potency of active natural ingredients.
The multi-active complexes of proven active substances, plant extracts, powerful antioxidants and minerals enable a diverse spectrum of effects to protect and strengthen your skin on several levels. A nourishing base of skin-like, natural lipids supports the rapid absorption of the active ingredients and ensures very good tolerability. Innovative, ultra-pure formulations help counteract the aging process and stimulate faster revitalization.
All products are manufactured in small quantities with great care and under strict controls. We use safe and powerful ingredients that we know will nourish, improve, protect, soothe and regenerate your skin. The active ingredients leave your skin looking its best: radiant, healthy and hydrated with a gorgeous, natural clarity.


Our brand stands for innovation and all formulations are free of mineral oils, silicones, PEGs and parabens, without making any concessions on effectiveness. In order to protect sensitive ingredients from oxidation and contamination, modern dispensers with an airless system are used to a large extent - for high active substance stability, economical dosing and maximum emptying of residues.


The CREYAN SKIN SYSTEM care line is a brand of the German-Swedish company Nordesta based in Munich. Nordesta was founded in Stockholm in 2010 and offers products in the medical-aesthetic field. The holistic care line was developed in close collaboration with leading dermatologists and international formulation experts to achieve results on multiple cellular levels.

Our philosophy: effective high-tech cosmetics combined with natural active ingredients, ultra-pure formulations and optimized skin compatibility that are easy to use at the same time.

Elisabeth Bergvall, who grew up in Gothenburg, worked in Sweden, England and Germany after her studies. With over 15 years of experience in the international development and marketing of cosmetics, she founded the company Nordesta in Stockholm in 2010 and started with the exclusive distribution of selected dermatological brands.