Winter time is peeling time

In these dry and dark winter days, treat yourself to a refreshing treatment:

A peeling makes your skin feel good and improves/rejuvenates your complexion.

A gentle treatment method is highly recommended, especially for age spots, acne, the first wrinkles, pigment spots or fine scars and also for dull, dull, wrinkled, dry or brittle skin.

The exfoliations all have a common goal:

Carefully and specifically remove the top dead skin cells, depending on the skin type and the desired result.

This triggers a natural repair mechanism in the skin, and new, healthy cells are produced (so to speak) to compensate.

The exact task of a peeling is therefore to loosen the many loose and used skin cells located above from the cell structure in order to free the sebum ducts so that the skin can pursue its various metabolic tasks in an improved manner. This results in fewer pimples and inflammation. In addition, the following treatment products are better absorbed by the skin.

Cellular renewal is stimulated and the complexion becomes significantly smoother, purer, more supple and more vital after just one application.

Your advantages:

  • Smoothing and tightening of the skin surface
  • Refinement of the skin relief and pore structure
  • Improvement of the ability to bind moisture, the skin's resilience and the appearance of the skin in all forms of impure skin

And one last tip: Remember not only to treat the face, but also the neck , the décolleté and the backs of the hands.

The FACIAL SCRUB CREAM is a mechanical peeling with natural, gentle peeling particles for the skin's surface.

The EXFOLIATING PEEL SOLUTION MD is a peeling with fruit acid for cell renewal (goes deeper into the skin).

Facial Scrub Cream, 50ml Exfoliation Peel Solution, 200ml