In winter, the skin is exposed to difficult conditions due to climatic changes, warm heating air and low humidity .
The visible consequences are usually dry, pale skin with redness and dryness lines . This can lead to accelerated skin aging.
Our skin becomes dry because the top layer of skin (called the epidermis) does not store enough moisture . This results from poorer blood circulation and the fact that the sebaceous glands are less active in winter and no longer produce the protective skin lipids . Due to the cold, the lipid film on the skin's surface is distributed more poorly and it is less well protected.

The natural water loss of the skin is called transepidermal water loss (short form: TEWL). But it is important that moisture is stored in the top layer of skin, because this keeps our skin supple.

When it comes to care, it is important that creams with a lot of moisture are used. In addition, to strengthen the skin barrier , creams should have the right mix of natural fats, primarily ceramides and phosphatidylcholine.

Ceramides play a key role in building the barrier. Phosphatidylcholine is a special lipid from which our skin can form a whole range of ceramides. At the same time, it is important that the skin is intensively supplied with bioactive care substances, essential and skin-like lipids and moisture.

The Creyan Nutri Active 24h Cream and the Regeneration Night Cream support the skin with plenty of moisture, natural lipids and oils.

The Creyan Intense Hydrating Serum intensifies skin moisture with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and bioactive ingredients.
A soothing, cleansing and pore-refining toner, such as the Creyan Balancing Toner , compensates for the lack of moisture and ensures a fresh, soft skin feeling.

Regenerating ingredients can reduce inflammation, redness and irritation. The natural protective acid mantle of the skin can be brought back into balance and the skin barrier is strengthened. To further protect the skin, cleaning in the morning can be omitted and the toner can be used instead. The use of the toner also makes the skin clearer and more even.
The Creyan Firming Lip Volumizer revitalizes dry lips.
With regular use, the moisturizing lip gloss reduces fine lines and smoothes the lips.

Don't forget your hands: Creyan Age Control Hand Cream makes dry and chapped hands smoother, firmer and softer again.
  1. Healthy food & drink: Your skin will thank you if you eat lots of vitamins and green vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, kale, but also green peppers and especially spinach. Apples with their skins are also good because they contain antioxidants. But hot lemon and ginger tea also boost the cells with vitamin C and antioxidants. And please don't forget to drink plenty of fluids.

  2. Fresh air for your skin: when the temperature is above zero, a long walk or jog stimulates blood circulation and supplies your skin with oxygen. This gives your skin a healthy and rosy complexion. It is not recommended to expose the skin to the air for a long time in sub-zero temperatures, as the skin may crack. If you go on a long winter tour, we recommend a rich cream and sunscreen to protect the skin from severe cold. After the excursion you should clean your skin and apply a rich cream.

  3. Treat yourself to a visit to the spa or pamper yourself with a beautiful home spa, for example in the form of a steam bath. A spa softens your skin, unclogs pores and boosts circulation. Serums and masks can work particularly well after this treatment.

  4. Increase the humidity in the apartment (with humidifiers or wet towels on the heater).

  5. Shower rarely and not too hot, so as not to strain the skin too much.