With vitamin C with glow effect

Nourish your skin with vitamin C and give it a clear, fresh and radiant glow because radiant and luminous skin makes it look fresh and healthy .
Every day, the skin is exposed to numerous damaging environmental influences , such as stress, UVA/UVB rays, IR-A rays and air pollution. As a result, free radicals can form and cells are attacked and skin aging is accelerated . This often leads to wrinkles, pigment disorders and loss of elasticity.
Effective skin care with vitamin C and flavonoids, antioxidants and vitamin E supports the skin in neutralizing aggressive free radicals and preventing skin damage . In addition, collagen production is increased and the structure of the skin is strengthened.
Effect of vitamin C: Strengthening of the collagen structure.

Vitamin C not only helps to reduce wrinkle formation and protect against UV radiation, but also with acne , pimples and pigment spots. In order to achieve even, fresh-looking skin without make-up or highlighters, there is an innovative antioxidant complex with vitamin C, vitamin E, bioflavonoids and 8 other powerful vitamins:
The Creyan Advanced Antioxidant Serum has a strong effect due to the very potent form of vitamin C and achieves a glowing effect on your skin. In addition, the effect is increased by the contained bioflavonoids. The contained vitamin E has a healing and stabilizing effect on the skin. In addition, the loss of firmness is alleviated and skin aging, wrinkles and pigment spots are counteracted. The skin feels firm and fresh as a result. It works best if you apply it in the morning and evening (or as a treatment) after cleansing under your usual care.

Once a week, dead skin cells should be treated with an exfoliation so that the face has the opportunity to shine with fresh, new skin cells.

    After using the Advanced Antioxidat Serum, the Creyan Nutri Active 24h Cream is ideal for an anti-inflammatory effect and the Firming Day Cream for a more anti-aging effect.

      - The most important thing for a natural glow is a healthy lifestyle. Self-care is the new principle that should not be ignored when it comes to skin care. A daily walk in nature or a pleasant home spa with a good book is the basis for a healthy glow.

        - A healthy diet is extremely important for the skin. Grapes (resveratrol) is known as the molecule for longevity and red seaweed (astaxanthin) is considered one of the most effective foods for beautiful skin. Other foods for glowing skin include water, berries, carrots, citrus fruits, green tea, coconut yogurt, salmon, sesame seeds, and broccoli.

          - Half an hour of light and fresh air during the lunch break helps the skin to have a refreshing complexion with extra glow thanks to the vitamin D and oxygen supply. And please don't forget the sunscreen.