Interview with the founder of Creyan Skin System: Elisabeth Bergvall

Uncompromisingly pure: CREYAN

Elisabeth Bergvall, founder of the clean beauty brand CREYAN, developed her products with specialized dermatologists. Here she explains how it came about, what vision she has and what product features resulted from it.

Ms. Bergvall, why was working with dermatologists so important to you when developing CREYAN?

I wanted care that would visibly benefit the skin, but was so well tolerated that it could even be used after aesthetic procedures. By working with dermatologists and their know-how coupled with my formulation expertise, I could be sure that we were getting the best of the best. Dermatologists deal with skin problems and diseases every day and know the different needs of the skin better than anyone else. Thus, CREYAN stands for innovative active ingredients, highly pure formulations, multi-active active ingredient complexes and unique textures.

CREYAN uses natural ingredients, but is not natural cosmetics

Our brand combines effective high-tech cosmetics with natural active ingredients and high skin tolerance, without compromising on skin health. In developing our formulas, we drew on years of study and research into the safety, effectiveness and potency of natural ingredients.

We use ultra-pure formulations, free of silicones, parabens, PEGs and mineral oils. All products are vegan and not tested on animals.

Which active ingredients are outstanding in CREYAN?

We use active ingredients with proven effectiveness in concentrations that are effective. In addition to skin-like lipids, pure minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins and natural oils, I would like to highlight three active ingredients:

+ ALBIZIA JULIBRISSI BARK EXTRACT – the active ingredient from the Persian silk tree in our EYE CONTOUR CREAM tightens the area around the eyes, lines and wrinkles as well as dark circles under the eyes and puffiness are effectively reduced. The effect is supported by ARGIRELINE, the active ingredient similar to Botox, which relaxes the skin and reduces wrinkles.

+ NIACINAMID (vitamin B3) is very popular with experts for good reason. Niacin's many benefits include reversing and preventing signs of aging , brightening and smoothing skin,calming inflammation and redness , reducing hyperpigmentation (age or sun-related), and moisturizing and supporting the skin's barrier.


+ MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is an organic type of sulfur that can restore collagen and keratin, the building blocks of healthy skin. Sulfur is the third most common mineral in our body and performs a variety of biological tasks, including our skin. The mineral can supply sulfur to the deep layers of the skin and is used to treat severe inflammation, redness and scar tissue. It is antibacterial, reduces sebum formation and removes dead skin cells. MSM works very well in treating rosacea and acne by reducing redness, nodules, blemishes and itching without any side effects.

MSM can be found in NUTRI ACTIVE 24H CREAM, for example.

Will you expand the CREYAN product range?

We are continuously developing our formulations in cooperation with dermatologists and will complement the range of Creyan products in a meaningful way, including body products.

What is your personal favorite CREYAN product? What would you not do without?

I relate to each product and love to combine them all, but if there were only one, it would be Creyan Firming Day Cream for me. The cream covers almost all skin improvement needs in one product. Creyan Firming Day Cream can be used all year round and combines wonderfully with serums such as the correcting and protective Advanced Antioxidant Serum.

Born in Sweden, Elisabeth Bergvall is the owner and managing director of Nordesta. The Munich company develops and markets products for the cosmeceutical Creyan Skin System. All products are made in Germany.